Why Choose Greer
Our goal as a supplier is to provide the best quality service at the best cost.  It is our belief honesty, passion, and a tremendous amount of pride in your work is the key to good business..
Our core services include the following. 
Generator maintenance, generator repairs, warranty issues (Generac, Kohler, Cummins, etc.), fueling, transport portables.
HVAC maintenance, HVAC repairs, warranty issues, service calls 24/7, compressors, control boards, stats, total change outs, coil cleaning.
Any type of repair or upgrades, commercial, industrial, T1, grounding, buss bar replacement, all lighting, service calls 24/7.
Site/Compound Maintenance
Tree removal, weed/grass control, fence repair/additions, gate repair/additions, road repair/additions, gravel, shelter repairs, roof repair/replacement, floor repair/replacement, any pest removal (ants, termites, wasps, mice, etc.), service calls 24/7.
Greer Electric, LLC started business operations in 2002 providing industrial, commercial, some residential, and telecommunications services to customers. Once customers realized the quality and dependability of the company's services, this work expanded to cell site construction that later included cell site maintenance. Since that time, Greer Electric has grown to performing all types of electrical-related services concerning cell sites.
Being centrally located in Benton, Arkansas, Greer Electric's facilities include a 2,800 square foot administrative office, a 3,000 square foot storage warehouse, and an 8,000 square foot shop positioned on a 5 acre fenced and totally secure compound.