We provide full 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year service. Having one company provide HVAC Maintenance, Generator Maintenance, Shelter Maintenance, and Compound Maintenance, you get more one on one service and you have the same people maintaining the sites on a continuing basis. We can handle any job requested.
We are equipped to provide HVAC Maintenance, Generator Maintenance, Shelter Maintenance, along with Compound Maintenance for cell sites in the state of Arkansas. This includes call outs, power outages, road repair, extra fueling, grounding, etc. We are also able to mobilize portable generators.
Our staff consists of HVAC technicians with 30 years experience, Generator technicians certified with Generac, Kohler & Cummins with 35 years experience, Master Electrician with 20 years experience, Journeyman Electricians and craftsmen who are completely trained in all cell site requirements.
We currently have relationships with Generac, Kohler, RP Power, CellXion, TWR Lighting, Raycap, Graybar, just to name a few for any technical problems or trouble shooting.
We are set up for disposal of any used oil or oil filters which are removed from the generators. Also battery disposal and any refrigerant disposal.  
All of our vehicles have 4 wheel drive capabilities, set up with 100 gallon diesel fuel tanks for generator fueling.  They are also equipped and fully stocked for any grounds, shelter or any maintenance task which needs performed.  We also are set up with bulk fueling facilities across the state of Arkansas to acquire large quantities of fuel if needed during any type of disaster.